Rafi loves action. He enjoys running, football, climbing trees and making a ruckus. His Dad sometimes shakes his head at Rafi and says, “Rafi, when are you ever going to sit down and do your homework?” But Rafi is too busy fighting imaginary fires and holding secret meetings in his clubhouse to do his homework. Rafi has two older brothers who are very serious and studious, and they don’t like it when Rafi runs around the house pretending to rescue people. They say, “Rafi, can’t you be quiet for once, we’re trying to study”, but Rafi doesn’t stay still long enough to hear them.

All this running around often makes Rafi starved, actually, Rafi is always hungry. Thankfully his Mum is a wonderful cook and always has snacks prepared for him and his friends. Rafi’s parents come from another country and sometimes when his friends visit, Rafi has to translate for them.


Salma is gentle and quiet. She loves playing with her friends but is sometimes shy when it comes to meeting new people. Salma doesn’t like it when people raise their voices. Sometimes her teacher, Mrs. Doyle, shouts at the class, “Be quiet! Be quiet everyone!” which Salma doesn’t like. When she raises her hand and answers a question, sometimes Mrs. Doyle puts her hand to her ear and says “What’s that Selma? I can’t hear you.

Say it LOUDER”, but this just makes Salma even quieter. Salma loves reading and because of this she is full of weird and wonderful facts. For example, when Rafi wondered if he could fly to the sun, Salma was able to tell him that it would be tough because the sun is 149.6 million kilometres away from the Earth.


Coco is a dreamer with a wild and wonderful imagination. She is also a chatterbox. She loves making up stories and making her friends laugh. She likes to watch people as they walk by her house and make up stories about them. She visits old Mrs. Russo across the road and reads her stories because her eyes aren’t very good anymore.

But Coco is such a good talker that she usually forgets to read and just tells Mrs Russo about all the things she’s seen and heard lately. Coco lives with her Mum, who she sometimes calls Lucy, their two small dogs, Flip and Flop and their mouse, Julia.

Coco is never bored, she can always find something to do and has great ideas that she shares with her friends. She loves animals and talks to them too. She doesn’t like it when people are mean or unkind, and she gets silent when anyone argues or fights.


Lochie is the voice of reason. A natural peacemaker, he is calm, a good listener, and always finds ways to keep everyone happy when there’s conflict. He is very sensible and doesn’t like taking risks.

He likes rules and doesn’t like to break them. He is highly organised and is never late to school and will always call his parents if he’s going to be home late. Lochie’s Mum is an ecologist and never wraps his sandwiches in plastic which means that when Lochie opens his lunchbox at school there’s usually lettuce and food all over the place.

Lochie is fortunate enough to have a room of his own as he has two younger sisters (twins) who share a room and are very noisy and inconsiderate. Lochie likes his privacy and keeps his bedroom very tidy. He also keeps a diary where he writes and draws pictures of all his ideas, most of which are about how he would like everything in the world to be more organised. When he grows up, he’d like to be a judge so he can bang his gavel and call ‘Order! Order!’